Do Cats Have Periods?

Do Cats have periods? Cats do have monthly cycles. Although it’s known as the “estrous cycle” in cats, many humans merely refer to it as “Being in Heat.” Only unswayed female cats experience these cycles, and since they soak up their old uterus lining rather …

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7 Proven Guides to Understand your Cat’s Body Language Easily

Understanding cat body language and putting those cute meows into words can help you to understand to communicate with your cat. This article from Pets Care Advice Point can help you finally Understand your Cat’s body language easily. Understand your Cat’s Body Language In the …

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Get the Best Prevent of Kidney Disease in Cats

Your Cat’s kidneys carry out several vital tasks to its overall health. The kidneys regulate hydration, generate urine, filter waste from circulation, and keep minerals like potassium. When the kidneys lose part of their functionality, kidney disease develops.  Cat kidney disease is often referred to …

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